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Lithium Battery Separator Coat

     Lithium-ion battery is mainly composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, electrolyte and battery separator, in which the battery separator accounts for 40% of the total cost of battery production, the quality of battery separator determines the battery safety and service life. Through the use of ceramic coating to strengthen the traditional lithium-ion battery separator, so that its safety, cycle life and performance has been significantly improved, which will gradually get a large-scale adoption of industry. It involves in the field from smart phone batteries to the large batteries of electric vehicles (xEVS ) and other electronic devices with high power or high energy. The benefit of the new lithium battery separator is selecting either alumina or boehmite as a coating to make the product acquire a higher thermal stability and chemical stability, longer cycle life, and higher heat shrinkability.
Submicron BL series alumina produced by Bestry with rather narrow particle size distribution, the concentrated distribution in the 0.5μm; High purity, and Na+ content, strictly affecting the dielectric properties of lithium battery, is lower than 200 ppm; High degree of dispersion, not easy to form agglomeration, Uniform particles, so that the products can been widely used in water-based and oil system. 
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