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Thermally Conductive Materials

      Thermally condictive material is one kind of thermal medium for the thermal management as a specialized discipline to solve the problem of heat generation and heat dissipation. In recent years, with the gradual upgrading of electronic products, and the continuous improvement of miniaturization and intensive degree, the working temperature tends to  higher temperature rapidly. During the period of  electronic products and large devices into higher power, it becomes essential to do thermal management and thermal design well  for improving product safety, life and performance stability.

    Bestry follows the development trends and requirements of market in the field of the electronic products industry in need of thermal conductivity, become the first one in China to introduce foreign advanced spherical alumina production technology, on this basis, after nearly 10 years of continuous innovation and research and development to ensure that the production process and product quality To continue to optimize the upgrade, product quality and market share has been in the forefront of the domestic market, and a large number of products exported to the United States, Japan and other developed countries.
    Spherical alumina is based on the traditional irregular shape of ordinary Al2O3 on the basis of a special high-temperature environment after the formation of the main crystal phase structure for the alpha phase, the external morphology of the spherical oxide products. Baidu technology selection of imported high-purity ordinary alumina powder, the use of imported core equipment to produce these products, and now an annual output of more than 1,500 tons, tightly supplied to customers.
   At present, Bestry are producing spherical Al2O3 such as regular BAK series, customized products of BAM series and BAH series with various sizes, and BL series sub-micron aluminain wirh relatively uniform size and high purity in a large-scale. Bestry has developed successfully and produced modified BN, BN coated spherical aluminum and other products with higher thermal conductivity, those products have been got the verification and recognition from the majority of customers, with a broad market space.



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