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Spherical Alumina BAK series

Product Description:

BAK series spherical alumina are produced by high temperature melting-jet method developing on ordinary irregular shape Al 2 O 3 , and the spherical alumina has a high degree of sphericity and high content of α-Al2O3 phase with controllable particle size. Because of its unique and excellent physicochemical properties, the products have been widely used as the filler of thermal interface materials, thermal engineering plastics and aluminum-based Copper-Clad Laminates and so on.

Bestry is the first high-tech enterprise engaged in the production, development and sales of spherical alumina in China. During twelve years of the unremitting efforts and technology innovation, the product has reached the world most advanced standard in technical level and product stability. Except that we occupy the main market share, the long-term cooperation relationship with large technology companies coming from the United States, South Korea, Europe, West Asia, Taiwan and other regions or countries have been established.

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Product Features:

1. High Filling: High degree of sphericity, controllable particle size distribution, achieve high density filling for silicone and epoxy resin, to get the mixture with low viscosity and high mobility.

2. High Thermal Conductivity: Because of its almost perfect ball structure, the filler used in the raw materials can achieve multi-directional heat transmission. The whole mixed system is in state of good dispersion, so final products have excellent thermal conductivity and physical property.

3. Low Abrasion: Compared with irregular powder, the application of spherical filler can reduce the abrasion of the mixer, molding machines and other equipments, then prolong working life of relevant equipment.


Critical Applications:

1. Thermal Interface Materials: thermal silica gasket, thermal grease , phase change materials.

2. Thermal Engineering Plastics: LED lamp cover, switch enclosures, electronic products shell, electronic chips.

3. Al-based Copper Clad Laminate:high-power LED circuit substrate, power circuit boards, etc.

4. Alumina Ceramic Filters.

5. Thermal Spray Coating.


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