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Surface Modified BN

Product Description:

Through several years of independent R&D and innovation, Bestry has developed a variety of high performance BN surface treated filler for thermal conductive materials. The product has been widely used in high-end insulative and thermal conductivity materials with high filling ability and high mobility, effectively improving the thermal conductivity of the composite system, exhibiting broad application prospects in the high-end electronic products in need of thermal management.

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Product Features:


1. High thermal conductivity;
2. Excellent compatibility with organic systems;
3. Stable Physico-chemical properties, low dielectric;
4. Low Mohs hardness (<2), conducive to the protection of precision machine;
5. We can provide professional treatment technology for our clients based on their requirements.


Critical Applications:


1. Thermal interface materials: thermal pads, thermal grease, thermally conductive phase change materials.
2. Thermal conductivity Alumina-based CCL, printed circuit board.
3. Thermal engineering plastics.

* Remark: The characteristic values recorded in the table are typical for reference not the highest specification unless specified. Please contact Bestry sales representatives for specifications when you encounter any question.


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