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Aluminum Nitride Powder

Product Description:

The AlN powder is produced by a carbothermal reduction process using a highly active aluminum source and a carbon source. The thermal conductivity of AlN is ten times that of Al2O3, reaching 80~320W/m·k, no the same characteristic of anisotropy heat dissipation of BN. Therefore, it's an important raw material for the preparation of AlN ceramic substrates and the production of various types of high thermal conductivity products.When used as the filler of the thermally conductive material, it can effectively improve the thermal conductivity performance,so that provide anew solution for the thermal diffusion of high-end electronic products.

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Product Features:

1. High sintering activity 
2. High crystallinity, regular morphology 
3. Sharp particle size distribution 
4. Low content of C and O 




Critical Applications:

1. Thermal material filler 
2. High thermal conductive ceramics substance 
3. Semiconductor high thermal components,advanced functional ceramics parts 
4. Epoxy molding compound,Thermal Interface Materials filler,FCCL dielectric layer 
5. Used as additives of the composite materials such as plastic substrate,evaporation boat,the fillers of high temperature structural materials such as crucible
6. New generation of large-scale integrated circuit semiconductor module circuit and high-power devices ideal heat dissipation and packaging materials

* Remark: The characteristic values recorded in the table are typical for reference not the highest specification unless specified. Please contact Bestry sales representatives for specifications when you encounter any question.




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