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More Miniaturization of LED Lights Dirved by The New Thermal Dissipation Technology
time:2020-03-10 author:admin

      Recently, the technology exchange symposium and its press conferences focusing on LED (light emitting diode) thermal dissipation device, sponsored by the Bureau of Science and Technology (Beijing) evaluation center of science and technology, were held in Beijing. Experts in the conference believe that LED has the characteristics such as energy saving, environmental protection, low power consumption and so on, which is conducive to promote the sustainable development of environment-friendly and resource-saving society.
     The high expectation was placed in LED lighting when high-power LED chips rose , so people believed that LED would get an "explosive" growth. But because the thermal dissipation problem has not been resolved, this hope has finally become a disappointment. The patent releasing on the new LED heat sink technology used a new thermal dissipation concept, so that the size and weight of LED lights can be smaller than the energy-saving lamps (fluorescent), light, while lamp power can not be restricted.
     At the same time, two patents of the project on correction of the power factor has broken the situation that relevant technology has been controlled by foreign companies, reducing a switch tube and a number of the supporting resistance and capacitance. This not only simplifies the circuit, but also avoids the switching action of the power loss and electromagnetic disturbance. Chang Yi, the Secretary-General in Beijing Lighting Association, believed that it is a good project for the benefit of the country, owners should strengthen the data analysis and comparison, enhance field research, and strive to transform scientific and technological innovation into productive forces, product innovation into competitiveness, the quality into credibility, the brand into an attractive. He Zhiming, the researcher of the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, fully affirmed the LED heat sink technology developed by the project party. We should strengthen the combination of production, exploration and research to form a complete LED lighting product as soon as possible and obtain data support so as to complete the industrialization and marketing better.
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