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5G will drive rapid growth in demand for electromagnetic shielding and thermal materials
time:2020-03-10 author:admin

    At the dawn of the 5G era, domestic leading manufacturers of electromagnetic shielding and thermal materials will pay more attention to technological upgrading and innovation in application fields, and provide more customized products for high-end customers. At the same time, overseas giants are unable to continue to focus on China's domestic layout. Therefore, the electromagnetic shielding and thermal conductivity industry will show a significant localization trend in the future.
    5G smart phone transmission rate, frequency, signal strength, etc. have significantly improved, from core chips to RF devices, from the fuselage material to the internal structure, parts will usher in new changes, put forward higher requirements for electromagnetic shielding and thermal conductivity. In the future, electromagnetic shielding and thermal conduction products are expected to further diversify, process upgrades, and increase the consumption of single machines, and have a broader room for growth. According to third-party forecasts, the global EMI/RFI shielding materials market will reach 7.8 billion US dollars in 2021, and the interface thermal conductive materials will reach 1.1 billion US dollars in 2020, while the graphite heat dissipation materials belonging to emerging industries are in the consumer electronics market. The scale has reached nearly 10 billion yuan. With the rapid development of the downstream market in the 5G era, the increase in the demand for single machines and the increase in the number of terminal devices will bring about huge incremental demands for electromagnetic shielding and thermal conductive materials and devices. Therefore, electromagnetic shielding and thermal conductive materials are expected after 2021. The market is expected to achieve faster growth.
    At the same time, with the cooling copper tube and heat sink solution gradually being applied to smart phones, the cooling solution for smart phones in the 5G era is expected to develop toward ultra-thin and high-efficiency, which will inevitably present multiple heat-dissipating products. A new situation in which material technology continues to innovate. Currently widely used electromagnetic shielding devices mainly include conductive plastic devices, conductive silicones, metal shielding devices, conductive cloth pads, and absorbing devices. The technical level of electromagnetic shielding devices is mainly dominated by the development of materials, and the conductivity and magnetic properties of materials. The conductivity and material thickness are the basic factors that determine the effectiveness of the shielding. The electromagnetic shielding material will develop in the direction of higher shielding efficiency, wider shielding frequency and better comprehensive performance. The innovative application of various new materials in electromagnetic shielding will be more developed, so it is foreseen that the electromagnetic shielding device technology materials in the 5G era can be foreseen. The ongoing upgrade will be a deterministic trend.
    The 5G era is approaching, the introduction of high frequency, the upgrading of hardware components, and the number of connected devices and antennas are multiplied. Electromagnetic interference between devices and devices and within the device itself is ubiquitous. Electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation are used for electronic devices. The harm is also getting worse. At the same time, with the update and upgrade of electronic products, the power consumption of the device continues to increase, and the heat generation also rises rapidly. In the future, the bottleneck of high-frequency and high-power electronic products is electromagnetic radiation and heat generated. In order to solve this problem, electronic products will be added with more and more electromagnetic shielding and heat-conducting devices during design. Therefore, the role of electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipating materials and devices will become increasingly important, and future demand will continue to grow.
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