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Bestry Successfully Passed the Identification of Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center
time:2020-03-10 author:admin

       Recently, No. 339 document of Sichuan Province Economy Science and Technology Innovation2017published a new batch of enterprises passing the Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center Certificate, Bestry Performance Materials Corporation smoothly passed this identification with excellent performance and good development tendency.

In recent years, based on the development positioning of independent innovation, Bestry survives by virtue of product quality, to occupy the market share by excellent products, is strengthening the investment in product upgrading, new product development, cutting-edge technology research and other aspects, above all, has achieved remarkable results. In the period of enterprise technology center certificate evaluation, Bestry got praise from provincial and municipal leaders and experts coincidently because of the great progress and development.

Bestry is not content with things they are, while looking at the whole world and bright future, we will take the provincial enterprise technology center identification as a new starting point, moving to better, faster and stronger, determined to become a national enterprise technology center, and leading industry technology progress as well.
[Editor:Standing Li]

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